A few months ago, GhostStop introduced a new EMF meter for ghost hunting and paranormal investigations. Although EMF meters have been around for many years, this is really the first built from the ground up FOR ghost hunting by paranormal investigators. This new unit has got a sleek ergonomic design made specifically to allow us investigators to track down sources of EMF quickly and easily. By sweeping a room with it you will quickly see how easy it is to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ where the EMF spikes are in the room. That’s right, it has sound.

emf-rookOnce your baselines are complete you can sit it on a table to start your communication. Yep, it actually sits easily upright and with the way the lights are designed, you can see it light up from any direction.

One of the best parts about this meter is that was built fortified from most interference. You know, those cell phone and walkie triggers that set off the entire team’s arsenal of K2 meters and Rem-Pods. You know, those same man-made signals that send the K2 meter crazy to red and make every new investigator jump out of their seat – but you know it was just a text message?  Well, the Rook fixes that. It won’t go crazy when the walkies talk or when the K2’s twinkle. Brilliant, eh?

The red lights are also intended to help us investigators maintain our night vision. You can learn more about how red light helps investigators by researching how the color red preserves the human eye ‘rods’. It’s really cool and GhostStop used this knowledge to help us on investigations. Another brilliant, little step forward.

You can learn more about the Rook EMF Meter at www.GhostStop.com

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