You walk into a pitch black room, no light anywhere, you can see nothing.  You turn on your flash light and now you know where you’re going.  The Flash light is supplying your eyes with ‘visible light’.  The same thing needs to happen with your camcorders, just because they are Full Spectrum enabled or have nightshot doesn’t mean they’ll immediately see in the dark they too need their own form of flashlight.  In most cases an Infrared illuminator, however in cases where you’re using a Full Spectrum enabled camera then you’re going to want to take full advantage of its capabilities by using an illuminator that not only utilizes Infrared (IR) but also Ultra Violet (UV) and Visible light.

A light like the one found here ( can be used for both Infrared or UV, IR and Visible light.   This allows you to use it with both your nightvision cameras and your Full spectrum cameras.

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