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Do you have a ghost hunter in your life? Want to put a smile on their face for Christmas? Ghost hunting equipment is a sure win! If you’ve been looking around at all the gear and are not sure what products to put under the tree, you’ve stopped by the right place.

Here is some of the best gear for 2016 for the starter ghost hunter right up to the pro paranormal investigator.


For the Beginner

For someone just starting out in ghost hunting there are a few staple tools they will need. This includes an audio recorder, EMF meter, flashlight and maybe even a case to put it in. This is equipment we’ve picked out for starter ghost hunters and young enthusiasts. These items are great for someone interested in getting started with ghost hunting but might not have much (if any) equipment yet. Some of these are staple pieces of equipment every beginner needs at some point.

emf-k2-view2    EMF ‘E.L.F.’ Meter – the ELF meter is an inexpensive energy sensor great for the young ones

$$   K2 EMF Meter – the K2 meter is the popular choice for most investigators starting out and is generally used for many years. It’s a staple most investigators have used at some point and may continue to for a long time.

$     EVP Recorder Wrist Band – the EVP wrist recorder is an audio recorder you can wear. Audio recording is a necessity for any investigation. This band is NEW and is great for the starter all the way up to the pro because it’s easy to use and records great quality audio.

evp-evpband2-view2$     Motion Sensor – a motion sensor detects motion in the room and alerts the investigator.

$$   Starter Night Vision Camera – this compact video camera is ready for night vision. It’s great as a starter with simple features and setup.

$     BooBuddy Junior EMF Bear – this little bear detects energy changes just like an EMF meter within a bear. There is another model (see below) that does much more.


For Experienced Ghost Hunters

Ghost hunters LOVE getting new gear. We’ve picked out some of the best tools every investigator should have in their arsenal. These are great for someone who has been investigating a while and has a few tools already. These are our top picks.

Product-EMF-Mel-Meter-8704R$     Rook EMF Meter – the NEW EMF meter with sound and some great features. Plus, it looks darn cool and comes with a tool case.

$$   Mel Meter – this digital EMF meter also includes temperature readings. Mel meters are a great step up from the beginner meters such as the K2 and ELF.

$     EVP Recorder Wrist Band – the NEW EVP wrist recorder is an audio recorder you can wear. Audio recording is a necessity for any investigation. This band is great for the starter all the way up to the pro because it’s easy to use and records great quality audio.

camcorder-fspovcam-view2$$   BooBuddy Interactive Bear – it may sound odd to use a teddy bear on ghost hunts, but this bear is FULL of features hidden behind the cute face. This bear does what a lot of the other tools do – but all in one package. Oh, and it talks. Take a look at BooBuddy for an all-in-one tool that ghost hunters absolutely adore. There are just way too many features to list here. Watch the VIDEO!

$$   Night Vision Video Camera – this camcorder is full spectrum which is able to see in complete darkness used by paranormal investigators on cases. It’s a lot like a GoPro in quality and size but with night vision capability.

$$   SB7 Spirit Box – this ghost box sweeps radio frequencies that ghost hunters might use for communicating.

$    Laser Grid Pen – this laser pen fills the room with dots making it easier to spot ghosts and visual anomalies in the room. Added bonus: the cats will go crazy for it.


For the Pro Investigator

Pro ghost hunters love new gear. The pro ghost hunter is someone who probably has a case of equipment already. So, here is some new or recently advanced gear that even the long-time pro may not even have yet – but definitely wants.

$$$   Zoom EVP Audio Recorder – high quality 360-degree audio recording and many features for full control

Trigger-BooBuddy2-EMF-Bear$$     SB11 Spirit Box – it’s like the SB7 with dual sweep, temperature functions and additional points of control

$$   BooBuddy Interactive Bear – the NEW BooBuddy is a stuffed bear FULL of ghost hunting tools hidden behind the cute face. This bear does what a lot of the other tools do – but all in one package. Oh, and it talks. Take a look at BooBuddy for an all-in-one tool that ghost hunters absolutely adore. There are just way too many features to list here. Watch the VIDEO!

$$$   EDI+ Multi Meter – the NEW EDI+ has many tools all in one package plus a great graphing feature. It’s brand new (October 2016), so most pros may not even have this one yet.

$$$   Trifield Natural Meter – though the Trifield has been around for some years, it is considered the most precise and effective tool for the pro ghost hunter.

$        Do-It-Yourself EMF Kit – this NEW little kit allows you to build your own EMF meter into whatever you want with just a little assembly. This gives the pro ghost hunter the ability to build something unique of their own creation. This is great for someone who loves to tinker with electronics. But it’s not too intimidating or problematic to build.

360ghostcam-view4$$$   Video Camera with Light Package – this camcorder is full spectrum which is able to see in complete darkness used by paranormal investigators on cases. This package includes a dual-mode light and mounting needed for great shots.

$$$   360-Degree Ghost Camera – this NEW 360-degee camera captures it all in full spectrum night vision. This is the most advanced camcorder for ghost hunting and is easy to use with an app that’s WiFi enabled. It has tons of cool features. It’s seriously awesome!

$$     Rover Camera Tank – this NEW drivable night vision camera is mounted in a remote control tank. You can drive it from your phone using an app and can see through the camera with night vision. It does a great job getting into small spaces on investigations. Bottom line – it’s loads of fun and any investigator would love to get the Rover as a present.

$$$   Flir Thermal Camera – a thermal camera is a high-tech camera that detects temperature changes and converts it into a visual heat map. A thermal camera is, generally, a highly coveted tool to have on a team. There’s also a model you can attach to your phone, the Flir One Mobile Thermal Camera.


Ghost Hunting Kits: Ready to Go

To make things even easier, here are a few ready-made kits already put together. These packages are put together with tools that compliment each other well to suit various budgets.


$        Starter ghost hunting kit – includes some basics great for the young starter

$    Learner ghost hunting kit – includes a book for learning the ropes and the popular, traditional K2 meter

$$     Ghost box kit – includes a ghost box with a higher-end EMF meter

$$$   Pro ghost hunting kit – NEW kit includes some of the NEWEST gear even the seasoned pro might not even have. This is great for the vet investigator who already has a full case and will add this to their arsenal.


Fun Gifts for Ghost Hunters

fun-3pillarsbasegame$   Three Pillars Ghost Hunter Card Game – the NEW card game for ghost hunters to play as a team.

$   Orb In A Bottle – the cheeky little stocking stuffer every ghost hunter will appreciate with a giggle

$   Gus ‘the Ghost’ Christmas Tree Ornament

$   Ghostbusters Monopoly Game

$   Keychains and other small stocking stuffers




A few months ago, GhostStop introduced a new EMF meter for ghost hunting and paranormal investigations. Although EMF meters have been around for many years, this is really the first built from the ground up FOR ghost hunting by paranormal investigators. This new unit has got a sleek ergonomic design made specifically to allow us investigators to track down sources of EMF quickly and easily. By sweeping a room with it you will quickly see how easy it is to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ where the EMF spikes are in the room. That’s right, it has sound.

emf-rookOnce your baselines are complete you can sit it on a table to start your communication. Yep, it actually sits easily upright and with the way the lights are designed, you can see it light up from any direction.

One of the best parts about this meter is that was built fortified from most interference. You know, those cell phone and walkie triggers that set off the entire team’s arsenal of K2 meters and Rem-Pods. You know, those same man-made signals that send the K2 meter crazy to red and make every new investigator jump out of their seat – but you know it was just a text message?  Well, the Rook fixes that. It won’t go crazy when the walkies talk or when the K2’s twinkle. Brilliant, eh?

The red lights are also intended to help us investigators maintain our night vision. You can learn more about how red light helps investigators by researching how the color red preserves the human eye ‘rods’. It’s really cool and GhostStop used this knowledge to help us on investigations. Another brilliant, little step forward.

You can learn more about the Rook EMF Meter at www.GhostStop.com

GhostArk boasts an all-new, all-in-one ghost hunting device with a flashy look. Is it worth the marketing put behind it? What does it actually do?

It’s just arrived in the hands of long-waiting customers. So, we haven’t had a chance to dig into it yet. But there are plenty of reviews already out there. Below are some of those reviews.

GhostArk Reviews

GhostArk’s First Customers Disappointed by Technical Issues

GhostArk Unboxing video



BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Bear: Your Next Investigator

BooBuddy is not just a talking bear. It is not just EMF bear. BooBuddy is an investigator that becomes part of your team. When the creators discuss BooBuddy they like to say, “It’s not just a toy. It’s an investigator.” They are serious about that and discuss how they back that up.

Shawn Porter, owner of GhostStop says, “We get the opportunity to work with paranormal investigation teams all over the world every day. With that, we get to understand what people regularly use on their investigations, what they like, what they don’t like and, most importantly, what they want in the future.” Though BooBuddy is a new invention, it stems from previous versions of gear created by the team at GhostStop. The previous versions that lead to BooBuddy were simple EMF dolls. Eventually they added the ability of speech which then lead into the current, high-tech edition.

What is BooBuddy?

BooBuddy is an interactive ghost hunting bear. BooBuddy is an investigator. It detects a multitude of environmental changes and responds to those changes with speech. That’s right. BooBuddy talks. While most of the devices used for ghost hunting have pretty lights and an occasional beep, BooBuddy has the ability to speak responses. When it detects a temperature drop it might respond, “Brrr. It’s cold in here.” When there are no changes detected BooBuddy goes to work to attempt communication by asking typical EVP questions in a soothing, child-like voice, “Do you know your A, B, C’s?” It also lights up with energy changes and motion.

The concept revolves around the theory that entities may have the ability to manipulate the environment. Given that, BooBuddy detects those changes and responds. Shawn states, “Our goal is to promote a positive response.” Using a bear is also strategic in that it is non-threatening, loved by children and is recognizable for a long period of time. “A bear is an identifiable figure that dates back centuries,” says Paul and continues, “This is the most significant piece of equipment (even though we don’t like to call BooBuddy a tool) to hit the paranormal field since the Mel Meter.”

How to use BooBuddy

When you place BooBuddy in the room and turn it on the first 30 seconds it conducts baseline readings of the environment. BooBuddy is, essentially, taking the pulse of the room including EMF, temperature and its own orientation (position). Then it will begin the investigation by introducing itself followed by an EVP question. Throughout the entire investigation the bear is checking the environment for changes. If no changes take place the bear with continue to investigate by asking more questions to solicit a response. Should there be a change in the environment BooBuddy will respond to it either by the LEDs in its paws or vocally. For example, if the temperature should raise BooBuddy will say something like “Did you make it warmer in here?” If BooBuddy is moved it will say something like “That tickles” or “I like holding hands with you.” If there is a change in EMF or movement the paws will light up. All the while it’s continually checking the environment for changes.

So, when the creators say it’s more than just a talking bear, it really is. BooBuddy is a rather sophisticated piece of equipment specifically designed for ghost hunting by the guys who have been investigating a long time.

The Birth of BooBuddy

BooBuddy was created in 2014 GhostStop. The creators, Shawn and Paul, envisioned an all-in-one ghost hunting sidekick as a result of their many years of experience investigating the paranormal. If you are interested in the paranormal it is likely you may have seen Shawn on Syfy’s Ghost Hunters as he investigates with the TAPS team and brings in new tech for the investigations. Shawn is also the owner of GhostStop. Paul has also been on the Syfy hit television show, Ghost Hunters International as tech manager. So, as you might imagine, both inventors have been working in the field for many years.

These inventors have a unique opportunity being able to take that learned knowledge of what they and fellow investigators want on an investigation and jump right into creating. BooBuddy was their collective vision as a culmination of the tools they wanted to use on an investigation. Coupling their collective design skills, investigation experience and tech knowledge led to the birth of BooBuddy.

For more information on BooBuddy visit www.BooBuddy.com.

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