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GhostArk boasts an all-new, all-in-one ghost hunting device with a flashy look. Is it worth the marketing put behind it? What does it actually do?

It’s just arrived in the hands of long-waiting customers. So, we haven’t had a chance to dig into it yet. But there are plenty of reviews already out there. Below are some of those reviews.

GhostArk Reviews

GhostArk’s First Customers Disappointed by Technical Issues

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BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Bear: Your Next Investigator

BooBuddy is not just a talking bear. It is not just EMF bear. BooBuddy is an investigator that becomes part of your team. When the creators discuss BooBuddy they like to say, “It’s not just a toy. It’s an investigator.” They are serious about that and discuss how they back that up.

BooBuddy was created in 2014 by Shawn Porter and Paul Bradford of GhostStop. Both creators have been investigating the paranormal for many years. If you are interested in the paranormal it is highly likely you have seen Paul on the Syfy hit television show, Ghost Hunters International as tech manager. He is now product manager of GhostStop. You may have also see Shawn on Syfy’s Ghost Hunters as he investigates with the TAPS team and brings in new tech for the investigations. Shawn is also the owner of GhostStop. So, as you might imagine, both inventors have been working in the field for many years.

Shawn, owner of GhostStop says, “We get the opportunity to work with paranormal investigation teams all over the world every day. With that, we get to understand what people regularly use on their investigations, what they like, what they don’t like and, most importantly, what they want in the future.” Though BooBuddy is a new invention, it stems from previous versions of gear created by the team at GhostStop. The previous versions that lead to BooBuddy were simple EMF dolls. Eventually they added the ability of speech which then lead into the current, high-tech edition.

Paul and Shawn have a unique opportunity being able to take that learned knowledge of what they and fellow investigators want on an investigation and jump right into creating. BooBuddy was their collective vision as a culmination of the tools they wanted to use on an investigation. Coupling their collective design skills, investigation experience and tech knowledge led to the birth of BooBuddy.

What is BooBuddy?

BooBuddy is an interactive ghost hunting bear. BooBuddy is an investigator. It detects a multitude of environmental changes and responds to those changes with speech. That’s right. BooBuddy talks. While most of the devices used for ghost hunting have pretty lights and an occasional beep, BooBuddy has the ability to speak responses. When it detects a temperature drop it might respond, “Brrr. It’s cold in here.” When there are no changes detected BooBuddy goes to work to attempt communication by asking typical EVP questions in a soothing, child-like voice, “Do you know your A, B, C’s?” It also lights up with energy changes and motion.

The concept revolves around the theory that entities may have the ability to manipulate the environment. Given that, BooBuddy detects those changes and responds. Shawn states, “Our goal is to promote a positive response.” Using a bear is also strategic in that it is non-threatening, loved by children and is recognizable for a long period of time. “A bear is an identifiable figure that dates back centuries,” says Paul and continues, “This is the most significant piece of equipment (even though we don’t like to call BooBuddy a tool) to hit the paranormal field since the Mel Meter.”

How to use BooBuddy

When you place BooBuddy in the room and turn it on the first 30 seconds it conducts baseline readings of the environment. BooBuddy is, essentially, taking the pulse of the room including EMF, temperature and its own orientation (position). Then it will begin the investigation by introducing itself followed by an EVP question. Throughout the entire investigation the bear is checking the environment for changes. If no changes take place the bear with continue to investigate by asking more questions to solicit a response. Should there be a change in the environment BooBuddy will respond to it either by the LEDs in its paws or vocally. For example, if the temperature should raise BooBuddy will say something like “Did you make it warmer in here?” If BooBuddy is moved it will say something like “That tickles” or “I like holding hands with you.” If there is a change in EMF or movement the paws will light up. All the while it’s continually checking the environment for changes.

So, when the creators say it’s more than just a talking bear, it really is. BooBuddy is a rather sophisticated piece of equipment specifically designed for ghost hunting by the guys who have been investigating a long time.

For more information on BooBuddy visit

A Sneak Peek at BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Bear… coming soon

The Examiner’s Debe Branning takes a plunge into the upcoming BooBuddy interactive ghost hunting bear. Below are snippets from the article you can read via The Examiner.

BooBuddy is a new interactive bear designed specifically for paranormal investigations by Shawn Porter and Paul Bradford of GhostStop. This new invention is expected to begin shipping in October, 2014.

“Paranormal teams are always looking for a new innovating device that can take them to the next level of investigating or communicating with the unknown. Shawn Porter and GHI’s Paul Bradford, who are busy creating ghost hunting equipment for, have created BooBuddy—a new device that will become a “must have” for para-teams across the nation.”

“BooBuddy is not just an EMF bear but an interactive investigator, who can ask questions and react to any changes in the environment just like a human investigator! BooBuddy asks EVP questions, detects changes in EMF, Movement, Temperature and Vibration.”

“BooBuddy was created to aid investigators who have a desire to communicate with spirits, especially the spirits of children,” Bradford stated. “Children have known and loved the comfort of a teddy bear for many decades. BooBuddy is designed to capture their curiosity.”

Read the FULL ARTICLE here.


You walk into a pitch black room, no light anywhere, you can see nothing.  You turn on your flash light and now you know where you’re going.  The Flash light is supplying your eyes with ‘visible light’.  The same thing needs to happen with your camcorders, just because they are Full Spectrum enabled or have nightshot doesn’t mean they’ll immediately see in the dark they too need their own form of flashlight.  In most cases an Infrared illuminator, however in cases where you’re using a Full Spectrum enabled camera then you’re going to want to take full advantage of its capabilities by using an illuminator that not only utilizes Infrared (IR) but also Ultra Violet (UV) and Visible light.

A light like the one found here ( can be used for both Infrared or UV, IR and Visible light.   This allows you to use it with both your nightvision cameras and your Full spectrum cameras.

Now here’s a new piece of equipment that changes the whole game. We’re not kidding!

Laser Grid Ghost Hunting Equipment and Gear

Most people in the paranormal field are quite familiar with the green ‘laser grid’ that fills the room with hundreds of green dots, right? Well, this new laser grid takes that idea to a whole new level. Shawn, of, has been working with lasers for visual detection and mapping of visual anomalies for over a decade. The green dots laser was originally his concept he used on investigations to more easily detect when and if something moved in front of a camera. His original idea even at the beginning was to use a graphed grid pattern but it just wasn’t possible at the time. Well he figured it out recently!

Even though the model that became widely popular used dots it was still called a ‘laser grid’ because that’s what Shawn was working toward. Well, the long-awaiting TRUE laser grid is complete and proving to have great results.

So why is this so revolutionary?

Anyone who has been investigating for a while knows full well that photo and video documentation is usually tough to decipher. The images are usually blurry and hard to make out. Well, imagine having the ability to document all physical aspects of a ghost. This laser will do exactly that. Crazy, eh? This new laser grid system can tell us speed, dimensions and even help us make a 3D model of the anomaly. By using a grid pattern of lines instead of dots one can see the shap of the object because the lines bow and form against the surface of the anomaly – assuming it has enough mass to reflect the light. Just place the laser grid in an area projecting onto a solid surface. For best results, set it next to a video camera. This reflected surface pattern will allow you to map out the anomaly in 3 dimensions – something never before done in the paranormal field.

We really think this is going to change the whole field.

You can get one and try it out for yourself at:

This this and other Ghost Hunting equipment head on over to

Ghost Hunting Equipment and Gear

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