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You walk into a pitch black room, no light anywhere, you can see nothing.  You turn on your flash light and now you know where you’re going.  The Flash light is supplying your eyes with ‘visible light’.  The same thing needs to happen with your camcorders, just because they are Full Spectrum enabled or have nightshot doesn’t mean they’ll immediately see in the dark they too need their own form of flashlight.  In most cases an Infrared illuminator, however in cases where you’re using a Full Spectrum enabled camera then you’re going to want to take full advantage of its capabilities by using an illuminator that not only utilizes Infrared (IR) but also Ultra Violet (UV) and Visible light.

A light like the one found here ( can be used for both Infrared or UV, IR and Visible light.   This allows you to use it with both your nightvision cameras and your Full spectrum cameras.

Now here’s a new piece of equipment that changes the whole game. We’re not kidding!

Laser Grid Ghost Hunting Equipment and Gear

Most people in the paranormal field are quite familiar with the green ‘laser grid’ that fills the room with hundreds of green dots, right? Well, this new laser grid takes that idea to a whole new level. Shawn, of, has been working with lasers for visual detection and mapping of visual anomalies for over a decade. The green dots laser was originally his concept he used on investigations to more easily detect when and if something moved in front of a camera. His original idea even at the beginning was to use a graphed grid pattern but it just wasn’t possible at the time. Well he figured it out recently!

Even though the model that became widely popular used dots it was still called a ‘laser grid’ because that’s what Shawn was working toward. Well, the long-awaiting TRUE laser grid is complete and proving to have great results.

So why is this so revolutionary?

Anyone who has been investigating for a while knows full well that photo and video documentation is usually tough to decipher. The images are usually blurry and hard to make out. Well, imagine having the ability to document all physical aspects of a ghost. This laser will do exactly that. Crazy, eh? This new laser grid system can tell us speed, dimensions and even help us make a 3D model of the anomaly. By using a grid pattern of lines instead of dots one can see the shap of the object because the lines bow and form against the surface of the anomaly – assuming it has enough mass to reflect the light. Just place the laser grid in an area projecting onto a solid surface. For best results, set it next to a video camera. This reflected surface pattern will allow you to map out the anomaly in 3 dimensions – something never before done in the paranormal field.

We really think this is going to change the whole field.

You can get one and try it out for yourself at:

This this and other Ghost Hunting equipment head on over to

Ghost Hunting Equipment and Gear

Full Spectrum Camcorder Demonstration

with Various Lights (Infrared, Full Spectrum) demonstrates the full spectrum camcorder and lights. We describe full spectrum, how to use a full spectrum camera, various lights that can go with it and the differences between them all. Ghost hunting equipment and gear for your paranormal investigations.

More on the Full Spectrum Camcorder and other Ghost Hunting Equipment can be found at

Full Spectrum video and cameras has become a great tool for paranormal investigations. Here is a little info explaining exactly what Full Spectrum is, how it can be used and some suggestions if you’re looking to get geared up with some Full Spectrum gear.

Full Spectrum Light Graph what we can see and what full spectrum cameras can seeWhat is Full Spectrum?

The term Full Spectrum refers to being able to see further into the spectrum of light than our naked eyes can see. We can see only a portion of light that actually exists in the world. Beyond that is ultraviolet (or UV) and infrared (or IR). Some theories suggest that paranormal entities can and will show themselves in the UV or IR ranges explaining why we generally cannot see them with our naked eye or catch only a quick glimpse of them. The ability to record within these ranges have the possibility of documenting these entities that are beyond our vision.

Full Spectrum Modification

Most cameras and camcorders can be modified to view further into the light spectrum than what we can see. There are a few different conversion methods out there. Although the camera body itself may look the same with different companies it does not mean that the process for the conversion was the same.

Full spectrum camcorder for ghost hunting comparison gridOne process for Full Spectrum modification involves removal of the filter and in others it is replaced to see IR and UV but NOT the visible spectrum. Allowing visible light and enhancing that (when possible) allows for a great image including all potential evidence possible within the full spectrum of light. The latter, where visible light is blocked, is referred to as Multi-Spectrum – not Full Spectrum. Although they may call it Full Spectrum because that may be the fashionable term it, in fact, is blocking out a good portion of light. Although this method may have practical uses in daylight situations where bright visible light can overlap the IR and UV this is typically not relevant when conducting paranormal investigations in mostly low light environments. You want the most light possible to capture any evidence that may happen. Blocking a portion of light is like wearing blinders. You clearly may miss something. Additionally, because these cams block visible light, the amount of light coming into the lens is very low resulting in dark and generally bad quality images.

Light to a camera is like fuel for your car. The more quality light you get equates to better quality images. If the light source is too low, most cameras use software to ‘fix’ the image resulting in a worsened quality image.

The comparison grid to the right shows a clear difference between the Full Spectrum modification and a Multi-Spectrum in our tests. This quick test makes it quite obvious that, in dark situations, blocking visible light can be quite detrimental to documenting anything.

Suggested Full Spectrum Camercorders

Full Spectrum CamcorderFull Spectrum HD Camcorder – This is the best Full Spectrum Camcorder out there. It’s HD quality picture is higher than any other out there. The best part is that you can control the amount of light coming into the lens allowing for a great image no matter the light situation. We HIGHLY recommend this one.
More info on this Full Spectrum Camcorder

Full Spectrum HD Slim Camcorder – This Full Spectrum camcorder also offers HD quality picture in a compact, easy to use package.
More info on this Full Spectrum Camcorder

Full Spectrum Standard Camcorder – This economic Full Spectrum camcorder shoots video and pictures in a small, more affordable package.
More info on this Full Spectrum Camcorder

Full Spectrum Cameras

Full Spectrum CameraFull Spectrum Professional Digital Camera – This Full Spectrum camera made by Fuji (and professionally modifed) offers a great quality picture with professional grad features and function.
More info on this Full Spectrum Camera

Full Spectrum Digital Camera – This economic Full Spectrum camcorder shoots full spectrum pictures in a small, more affordable package.

Full Spectrum Digital Camera

Lighting for Full Spectrum Camcorders and Cameras

As mentioned above, light to a camera is like fuel for your car. More light equates to better quality images and distance. Since Full Spectrum includes IR and UV, to fully take advantage of these cams you need a light source that includes IR and UV. Simple white light sources like flashlights and white video lights usually do include IR and UV as well as visible light. With that you will get a good picture and take full advantage of the Full Spectrum capabilities. The downside is that you will be lighting up the room, blinding fellow investigators and generally worsening your own eyes’ night vision.

We suggest using a light source that has seperate IR, UV and minimal visible light (if using a true full spectrum cam). This will give provide the IR, UV and visible light the cam needs for a good picture while maintaining a low light situation during investigating. You don’t want to blind your investigators!

Full Spectrum Light for CamcordersFull Spectrum Light – This is the only Full Spectrum light of it’s kind that includes IR, UV and visible light giving the Full Spectrum Cams enough light for a great picture and distance. All you see with your naked eye is a mild blue hue in the room. You can mount it right to a tripod or to your camcorder with an optional bracket.
More info on this Full Spectrum Light


Choosing the right camera to augment your paranormal investigation is a difficult decision, but not nearly as critical as many bloggers and so called ghost hunters suggest.

Today there are a vast range of camera to choose from, and, if used correctly all of them can be useful for a thoughtful ghost hunter. Read the rest of this entry

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